Alethiology – The Study of Truth. Are You Standing In Yours?

One of the things that keeps us trapped inside our racial pain is our disconnection from the truth, our truth. Many of us like the idea of living authentically in this regard, but it’s much harder to practice inside a system which aggressively demands the abandonment of our blackness.

Neely Fuller Jr. and Dr Francis Cress-Welsing dedicated their lives to teaching the world how this social cancer infects us in all areas of people activity; education, entertainment, economics, labour, law, politics, religion, sex, and war.

It’s aggressive nature along with the layers of intergenerational powerlessness, means that many of us have unconsciously learned to accept dishonesty as part of our daily lives. We also codependently believe that not speaking our black truth will save us from future pain.

When we are unaware of how this racist confusion is maintained, we unconsciously enable the system’s breeding, and remain vulnerable to absorbing a legacy which murders the souls of our people.

Exploring my cultural needs in the early stages of growth was a painful experience, as I separated from my internalised racist thinking and began reclaiming my true sense of self. Some mornings, I still wake up feeling like a dumb negro, and other times I remember that me and my blackness are the magnificence of Ra in human form. This racist, boomerang confusion and self awareness is part of the growth process we must face to purge ourselves of the lies of white supremacy.

The journey to black empowerment includes layered cycles of dismantling, grieving, discovering and recovering the deeper parts of ourselves. As we begin to understand our personal patterns of hiding from the truth, we can find healthy way to start living more authentically. Our brilliance will  blossom as we shed the layers of self hate, and surround ourselves with the greatness of others who mirror and remind us who we are.

Just for today, I can lower the walls of denial with kindness, by first being compassionate with myself. When I speak my truth, I manifest my power. When I live my truth, I am unstoppable.

Today’s Affirmation

As I search for my truth, the truth will find me.

I am truth.


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Errhem….. Guess Who Had Her First Radio Appearance?

Greetings fam, This Is A Yardie First!

I was asked to be part of an international group of callers from outside the US on the  Concept of White Supremacy radio show (C.O.W.S) with Gus T. Renegade. It was his monthly Sunday global talk about Racism. I really enjoyed being on the panel and I talked a lot more than I thought I would considering I was so nervous beforehand. I was so conscious of talking too much at one point, I had to shut myself up! We talked about Black History Month, racism and  black parenting etc. I also was able to share for the first time about my upcoming book club launch next year honouring Dr Francis Cress- Welsing. You can register your interest at It is terrifying doing all this stuff for the first time, but I also, absolutely love this process and the transformation I am experiencing being more visible as a black business women. Thank you all for your support and here is the interview recorded on Sunday 16 October 2016. The title of the show ‘Global Sunday Talk on Racism’ here is the replay.cows

An Intimate ‘I Am Potential’ Community Event. #throwback

I’ve been going through a lot of content recently and realise I’ve been in my perfectionism around my blog instead of having fun with it and posting more of my journey. There have been so many awesome things that have happened since starting my business in June and I’ve  decided to share a lot more of it with you. I’ll be posting the random throwbacks as I dig them out.

This first throwback was a powerful little event hosted by Nadine Dash called ‘I am potential’ There were some amazing young speakers who provoked thought  and reminded us that all that negative stereotype we often see in the media is not the truth about our amazing community. It’s always great to connect with those creating positive change. Here I am with motivational speaker DrG aka Gersham Allen.img_9987-1



Will you support our black psychotherapy students so they can serve you?

Hey Mindful Yardies, I hope the day finds you well? I came across this campaign recently which is really close to my heart and had to share it with you to see if you can help?

Training to become a psychotherapist is an incredibly difficult path. Not only because you’re required to bare your soul as part of the process, but as a black person, you also have to navigate the racial dynamics inside a system which still has a long way to go in serving the needs of people of colour.

To address this issue, Eugene Ellis, founded  the Black and Asian Therapists Network (BAATN). The project provides mutual support for practicing therapists, along with an amazing platform to meet the therapeutic needs of  our community. I have used their services both  personally and professionally as part of my ongoing psychotherapy training.  It has been an amazing community to safely explore and identify with others regarding the challenges of racism inside these learning institutions.

In building the future of BAATN, the project needs your support  today to address the high drop-out rate of students in training by offering an  ‘Each One Teach One’ mentorship programme. The project has already been running for a few years but needs a boost and there are only a few days left to pledge!

Please give what you can, our community needs to support these new therapists so we can provide the services you deserve!