Fill Your Cup

Today’s #sundayserenity,

Many of us are dry vessels desperately waiting, hoping and pleading with unavailable loved ones to fill us up. We share our pain, our emptiness and struggle hoping their response will make us feel worthy, whole and nourished.

This painful yearning cycle means our happiness always remains in the hands of others. Unchecked, our unmet needs seed anger, resentment and shame.

As we heal from within, we learn how to replenish our own inner well. In embracing our Higher self and the wisdom of our ancestors, we find an oasis of melanin love, self compassion and confidence that has always been at our core.

Just for today, I will remember that I am responsible for my nourishment, my greatness, my black girl joy. In this moment, I will chose actions that nurture my Highest Self.

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What does self love feel like?

How many times do you hear how important it is to love yourself? Do you know how to love yourself and what it feels like?
In today’s Sunday serenity, I share simple ways to love yourself along with my experience of what it feels like. In honoring Marcus Garvey’s Birthday this week, I also talk about the power of cultural self love.
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Happy Birthday Marcus Garvey!


Marcus Garvey, the grandfather of pan Africanism celebrates his birthday on the 17th August
and I’m out here flying my virtual RGB flag! Whoop! Whoop!

Marcus Mosiah Garvey Sr. and Sarah Anne Richards gave birth to him in St Ann’s Bay,
Jamaica in 1887, the youngest of 11 children. The principles of Garveyism were all about
empowering black people to do for self and be proud of their blackness.

It’s fascinating to learn that this grandson of a slave would rise up and inspire millions of
black people around the world to rise up and stand in their greatness, all without social
media!  I’m excited to be celebrating his achievements by sharing resources
to honor his legacy for your sobriety and continued empowerment.

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Do Your Children Trigger You?

Do you light up when your child/ren come into the room or do you often feel irritated?

Every time the summer break arrives, I hear alot of parents struggling with spending so much extra time with their child/ren.

Is this you? #Nojudgement

For years I secretly dreaded the summer because I knew I’d be confronted with parenting pain I wasn’t ready to face.

In recovery, I learned that the reason my daughter triggered me so much had nothing to do with her behavior.

Every act of closeness triggered the child in me that was unhealed, unheard and desperate to feel loved.

If we’re wiling, our children’s presence can provide powerful opportunities for us to see where we still need healing.

If we want to be mothers who are present and emotionally available, it’s important that our inner/Higher Parent looks after our inner wounded child.

Just for today, I will be mindful of how I talk to my inner child. When I am kind and loving to myself, this is mirrored in how I love my child/ren.


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Are You Emancipated and Independent?

The 1st of August was Emancipation Day and today is the day Jamaica became Independent. Both days mark the so called ‘freedom’ of our ancestors from colonial bondage. As these dates declare our freedom on paper, many of us remain in psychological bondage because we still carry the wounds that were not healed during slavery.
Whilst white supremacy continues to refine itself to maintain power, you also have more opportunities to chose how you respond. Emancipation no longer remains in the hands of those committed to our destruction, but in the way we chose to honor ourselves and our communities.
Are you committed to your pain or your power? Are you willing to do the internal work your ancestors couldn’t?Today, with compassion, patience and courage, I will remember that I have the power to emancipate myself from mental slavery.
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