YOG27: The Power of Black Mindfulness with Faith Agugu.

Greetings Family,
With the hustle and bustle of the holidays along the juggernaut of white supremacy, it’s important to be able to stay present to what is going on internally.
This week, I’m happy to be sharing the podcast space with Faith Agugu. A compassionate, holistic counselor and healer who’s generous with her wisdom on how to use mindfulness as a ‘secret weapon’ for wellness and personal empowerment.
We also chat about the white washing of mindfulness, the spirituality of melanin, loving your inner child, recovery and so much more! There are so many nuggets in this one, don’t miss it!

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Give yourself the gift of empowerment.

YOG22: Black History Month, Men and Self Love with Kehryse Johnson.


It’s the last few days of Black History Month in the UK and I’ve saved the best for last! Today, I dive deep into discussion with Kehryse Johnson, beauty editor of Glam Africa magazine. We chat about Black history at the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton, racism in the beauty industry, black men, feminism and a whole lot more! We had so much fun and plan to hang out for some future episiodes, so stay tuned!!

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Beauty brands
Black cultural Archives
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Facebook: @codeÉbène
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Till next time, with Blackalicious love x

TBS14: Honoring Dr Welsing’s Birthday with Gus T Renegade from C.O.W.S. Radio.

Brothas and Sista’s,

I am so excited for you today because it’s The Black Steps first interview and a legendary one at that!

In this episode, I am humbled to be chatting with Gus T Renegade from C.O.W.S  (Context of White Supremacy) radio show to honor the birthday of the late, great, counter racist scientist, Dr Francis Cress-Welsing. For those of you who are unaware of her and her work, I did a previous episode about her here.

In this show we talk about her legacy, their friendship and women behind the Isis Papers book. I also find out a little more about Gus the black man, and his views on how we can continue to empower ourselves under the system of white supremacy.

There are a lot of notes, books and references which I have captured below.

Enjoy x


Links, books and authors mentioned in this episode:

Sabrina Johnson COWS radio show appearance.

Dr Welsing birthday tribute event.

Saturday March 18th 2017

Thurgood Marshall Centre

Washington DC




C.O.W.S radio iTunes link

C.O.W.S episode with Dr Welsing regarding the Charleston Massacre with white supremacist Dylan Roof.

Dr Welsing and the Trump presidency prediction.

Dr Welsing sharing her views on cannabis.

Dr Martin Kevorkian 

All the book references from are in an empowerment sheet. Just enter your email address and get them with all the links to buy directly from Amazon.








Black self care e-book for discharging racial stress.


12 Step Recovery for beginners.

Mr H fox YouTube channel





COWS email address : untiljustice@gmail.com


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