Racism is a Spiritual Disease.

Before attending one of my recovery meetings, I found racist abuse all over it’s poster because it was a closed space for folks who identify as people of color.
Keeping this boundary is an important part of keeping the space safe for members to share their truth and minimise racial codependency (code switching) if white people attended.
At first I felt shock. Although I understand intellectually that I’m a black women living under the system of racism, it’s always painful when I experience it so overtly.
It’s especially hard in the recovery space, where people are there to heal, not to have to deal with more abuse. I shared what happened with the group and went straight into sharing my experience, strength and hope in what was a powerful meeting.
It was only when I returned home that I was really able to reflect on what happened and understood the power of racial sobriety.
Before recovery, racist abuse sent me straight into a shame spiral, doing whatever was necessary to stuff down my feelings, minimise the abuse and keep myself small around white people.
Today, I understand that racism is an addiction to power. A spiritual disease where white supremacists have so much self loathing, that they must act it out through oppressing those who trigger any reminder of their whiteness.
In this moment, I will remember that what others think about my skin tone is none of my business. I do not have to absorb their toxic projections, and have the right to set the appropriate boundaries that will keep me safe.
I am a precious child of God, deserving of all things good, abundant and peaceful.
And so it is.
If you’ve experienced racism in the recovery rooms, you can download my free masterclass at www.sobriety.juneallen.net


Courage builds character. It’s a revolutionary love that drives our actions through fear. Courage comes from the Latin word cor which means heart, and doing the heartwork is what seeds miracles.

With a legacy where pain is fused with identity, healing is damn, hard work. We need the courage to face ourselves, to ask for help, to stop keeping the secrets that keep us sick, to love and be loved by those who, on the outside, mirror those who brought us the most pain.

Through the years of vicious self hate, I absorbed the pain of others. I blamed myself for the abuse and deprived myself of the right to thrive in love.

With courage as my superpower, I found the strength to break the patterns passed from massa’s cruel plantations. As I built a village with those who healed before me, I was able to love on my people in a way I never thought possible.   

Sometimes, the best version of ourselves can only shine under pressure, and courage, like coal, makes diamonds.


Enjoy this piece? It’s taken from a free ebook which you can download at:  7 Steps to Unlock Your Sista Superpowers.

The Power of Solitude

In a world that rewards the hustle,

many feel that solitude is wasted time.

As superwomen, we werk our capes

and ram each ‘should’ and ‘have to,’

in what little, precious time our days will bare.

Solitude honours the truth.

It lifts the veil on how we feel about ourselves when no one’s watching.

She doesn’t lie, or tell us what we want to hear.

She’ll open the window on toxic fantasy

and hold up the mirror which demands empathy.

This superpower serves it straight.

I suffered with chronic doing for years to avoid the backlog of pain I carried beneath it.

I was scared of what I would feel, if I allowed myself to pause.

When I gave myself permission to face the quiet,

it was a relief to let the sacred, stillness, speak.

Solitude is the superpower that calms the storm between our humanity and our spirituality.

In the Sacred Sista Reset Experience, I share a simple tool to nurture this relationship.

As we honor its presence, we’ll move from anorexic isolation to honoring our divinity.


Enjoy this piece? It’s taken from a free ebook which you can download at:  7 Steps to Unlock Your Sista Superpowers.

Sunday Serenity: Superpower Sobriety

Racial Sobriety is the superpower that rebuilds our lives from the inside out. Our experience is filtered through the lens of self compassionate, instead of endless bleeding from the wounds of chronic black shame.

Addiction is not just about the drink and drugs, it’s any compulsive behavior that allows us to escape the pain of living in reality. In our desperate powerlessness, we use the people, places and things to numb the suffering inside the truth.

Racism is the compulsive abuse of power and melanin, is the trigger. In recovery, I learned that I’m powerless over those who practice white supremacy, but have the power to choose how I respond.

Have you experienced racism in the rooms? Are you new to this concept and want to know where to begin? After years of experience, strength and hope in my own recovery process. I created the The Racial Sobriety Starter Guide to share the tools and strategies to support you with yours.

‘Racial sobriety is loving yourself so much that, that racism becomes irrelevant.’


This reading was taken from the FREE Starter Guide 7 Steps to Unlock Your Sista Superpowers 



Black Women’s Well-Being Event with Naomi Davidson.

Greetings and thanks for taking the time to hang out with me.

Today, I’m chatting to Naomi Davidson who is a well-being consultant and she’s all about empowering Sista’s. She got in touch as a result of the series I did on wounded daughters  to ask if I would be on the panel for her event ( 23 June 2018) which is specifically around to our UK experience.

We caught up earlier this week to chat about what to expect at the event, and next week we’re going to record a more detailed podcast about the results of her research. You can listen to our chat here.

Hope to see you Saturday!




Sobriety Birthday Gratitude.

Greetings Family!

I’m so excited to share with you that this week is my sobriety birthday! I’m 8 years sober! Yaaasss! It’s not been an easy road, but I am soooo grateful for the growth and to no longer be drowning in unmanageable insanity! #justfortoday

‘The goal of racial sobriety is to love yourself so much, that white supremacy becomes irrelevant.‘

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Your Sista in Service



The Drift

The drift happens when we don’t have a vision for our lives. We go from one day to the next reacting to what’s required of us in each moment.
Under white supremacy, we feel powerless over the oppression and lose site of who we are. Our core sacredness gets buried under the rubble of relantless trauma and abuse,
In recovery, we commit to a new life of cultural intimacy. Today, I will not sit on the sidelines of my life. I will make one choice that will liberate me from the war within myself.

Empowerment Seeds

Most of us want to heal from the impact of racism. We want the confidence, relationships and racial sobriety that blooms on the road to wholeness.
Trouble is, many of us may not get this. Not because we don’t deserve it, but because we don’t want to respect the process. We’re trying to walk the path on our own terms and don’t want to release the people, places or things which sabotage our healing.
Malcolm X says that, ‘Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss contains its own seed, it’s own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.”
There is no fast track to avoid the pain that comes with your growth. Just for today, use the pain as a powerful tool to learn where love needs to be seeded.
Affirmation: I nurture the seeds that will set me free.

Unconditional Self Love.

Peace and blessings Family,

Many of us were raised in homes where love is a bartering system. We only experience an emotional connection when our behavior serves the needs of our parents.

This is mirrored under the system of racism where we’re only ‘accepted’ when we embrace the assimilation of whiteness, staying silent about our oppression and the need to feel safe.

When we’re loved for what we do instead of who we are, it becomes emotionally unsafe to love ourselves inside the insane expectations of others. We become trapped inside the codependent patterns of perfectionistic self neglect.

In recovery, we learn to separate what is ours and what belongs to others. We learn one day at a time, to do the best we can, at our current level of consciousness.

Every tool we use lights the path to a new life of unconditional self love. We can choose to get up and take another baby step, no matter how many times we fall.

Today, I will remember how far I’ve come. As I work the program, I can use my mistakes as a deeper call from my Higher Self to love and accept the full spectrum of my humanity.

Affirmation: I will love and honor every part of myself, unconditionally.

10 Reasons To NOT Join The Wounded Daughters Mastermind?

Hey Fam,

Not long now before the cart closes for the mastermind. I’ve had a lot of sista’s in my inbox so I know you really want this but I also know many of you are still scared to commit.  There’s something blocking you from taking the action you need to heal.

The concept of dealing with maternal abuse is challenging, but with tools and a sistahood network, it will change the game around how you see and take care of yourself.

Sometimes, I’m so passionate about serving the community and telling the whole, painful truth about this process that I sometimes forget the empowering things that happen as a result of healing!  I’ve also had some great feedback about some things that may be stopping you so I’ve combined the two in an audio, first lets have a look at the blocks, sound familiar?

  1. My life won’t get better unless my mother changes her behavior? 
  2. She’s also victim and I don’t want to dis-honour her?  
  3. I don’t want no family drama!
  4. I was always taught not to chat my business!
  5. No one will understand my situation.
  6. I already have enough on my plate!
  7. I ain’t doing 6 weeks of trauma! 
  8. I’m scared of the change.
  9. Will I be dumped after 6 weeks of getting vulnerable?
  10. I just can’t afford it!

The audio will address these issues and give you all the empowering reasons to step out in faith and love on your beautiful black self.

Listen to the audio here.

sign up at www.mastermind.juneallen.net