Are You Scared of Becoming Your Mother?

‘A wounded daughters acceptance of her mother’s inability to love requires willingness and courage. Willingness to accept the truth about her mothers limitations and courage to change the way she responds without self blame.’

This quote is an exert from a series of empowerment training’s I’m writing to honor the wounded daughters of abusive black mothers.

We cannot have honest conversations about wanting to end white supremacy, until we’re ready to raise our hands and do the healing work required to free ourselves internally.

I still have moments of pain and grief around my mother’s behavior, but I stay committed to the healing work because greatness is my birthright.

I also want a loving, mother experience for my little Plaintain, Zuri. 🙂

The more I learn and speak, the more I understand  the suffering in the community.

I want you to know that you are not alone.

There is hope.

When you empower a women you empower a nation.

You spoke, I listened.

Today, I’m sharing an opportunity for wounded daughters to have a compassionate, non-judgmental space to explore this topic and begin to find peace.  Details are below.


London Grenfell Fire and Counter Racist Parenting with C.O.W.S. Radio & Gus T Renagade

Greetings Family,

I have x2 radio shows to share with you today from my appearances on the C.O.W.S. radios show with Gus T Renegade. In this first show, we support a women who’s child is experiencing racism from his classmate. The panel share constructive tools and support with some powerful suggestions for counter racist parenting. Click the pic to get the details.


Counter Racist Parenting


In the second show, we talk about the horrific fire at Grenfell Tower in London. Listen by clicking the pic below.

Grenfall Tower Session.


C.O.W.S (Concept Of White Supremacy) Radio Show: The Black Steps, Obama and Trump.

Greetings Family,

Here is the recent C.O.W.S (concept of white supremacy) show recording  where I am on the global guest panel every 3rd week of the month. In this session, I am thrilled that Gus chosen to feature my podcast The Black Steps, and I get the opportunity to discuss the link between racism and addiction. We also talk about being abandoned by white ‘friends’ when the subject of racism is raised, along with the Obama’s leaving office and the global reactions to Trump taking over. Click the pic below to listen. It’s dated the 15 January 2017 and the title is the ‘Global Sunday Talk on Racism.’




I Have Exciting News!


OMG I am so excited, I have to tell you about this recent win! It’s been confirmed this week that I will now be a regular monthly guest on the global panel for the C.O.W.S Radio show with Gus T. Renegade. I have been invited on for the last few months and I really enjoyed it, so this next step makes complete sense. This is a huge opportunity to serve more and spread the message of hope and racial sobriety. I will also be working with Gus on the Isis Papers book club project which is really exciting. I am humbled to be in a position to do this and I’m intrigued to see how this abundant, empowering adventure from RA will continue to manifest. You can keep track of all the radio programs I attend in the ‘Radio Events’ category.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me.

June 🙂

Errhem….. Guess Who Had Her First Radio Appearance?

Greetings fam, This Is A Yardie First!

I was asked to be part of an international group of callers from outside the US on the  Concept of White Supremacy radio show (C.O.W.S) with Gus T. Renegade. It was his monthly Sunday global talk about Racism. I really enjoyed being on the panel and I talked a lot more than I thought I would considering I was so nervous beforehand. I was so conscious of talking too much at one point, I had to shut myself up! We talked about Black History Month, racism and  black parenting etc. I also was able to share for the first time about my upcoming book club launch next year honouring Dr Francis Cress- Welsing. You can register your interest at It is terrifying doing all this stuff for the first time, but I also, absolutely love this process and the transformation I am experiencing being more visible as a black business women. Thank you all for your support and here is the interview recorded on Sunday 16 October 2016. The title of the show ‘Global Sunday Talk on Racism’ here is the replay.cows

An Intimate ‘I Am Potential’ Community Event. #throwback

I’ve been going through a lot of content recently and realise I’ve been in my perfectionism around my blog instead of having fun with it and posting more of my journey. There have been so many awesome things that have happened since starting my business in June and I’ve  decided to share a lot more of it with you. I’ll be posting the random throwbacks as I dig them out.

This first throwback was a powerful little event hosted by Nadine Dash called ‘I am potential’ There were some amazing young speakers who provoked thought  and reminded us that all that negative stereotype we often see in the media is not the truth about our amazing community. It’s always great to connect with those creating positive change. Here I am with motivational speaker DrG aka Gersham Allen.img_9987-1