Courage builds character. It’s a revolutionary love that drives our actions through fear. Courage comes from the Latin word cor which means heart, and doing the heartwork is what seeds miracles.

With a legacy where pain is fused with identity, healing is damn, hard work. We need the courage to face ourselves, to ask for help, to stop keeping the secrets that keep us sick, to love and be loved by those who, on the outside, mirror those who brought us the most pain.

Through the years of vicious self hate, I absorbed the pain of others. I blamed myself for the abuse and deprived myself of the right to thrive in love.

With courage as my superpower, I found the strength to break the patterns passed from massa’s cruel plantations. As I built a village with those who healed before me, I was able to love on my people in a way I never thought possible.   

Sometimes, the best version of ourselves can only shine under pressure, and courage, like coal, makes diamonds.


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