Peace and blessings ,

Sunday  31 March will be Mothers day in the UK. For many wounded daughters, the day brings up painful memories of abuse along with feelings of anger and powerlessness to change the past or your mothers behavior.

For this reason, I use this time of year to share my own journey of healing my mother wound to break the taboo and help other black women understand that they are not alone. This week, I ‘m excited to share a support sale to help you get what you need to take care of yourself around mothers day and beyond. The deals are:


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Surviving Mothers Day : A guide for wounded Daughters £7.47 v £14.97

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I’m Scared of becoming my Mother. £13.50 v £27

Boundaries for Wounded Daughters. £13.50 v £27

Rise of the Sacred Sista. £13.50 v £27

Freedom 50 Series: My Secrets to Healing and Happiness. £24.97 v £49.97

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With Blackalicious love.

June x