‘Love returns us to the promise of everlasting life!’  bell hooks.

To love and be loved is a basic human need. If your childhood experience of love was disrupted by separation, abuse and internalised racism, it will be difficult to give or receive love as an adult. The most important thing to remember as you learn how to love is 1. Healing it takes time 2. Love is a verb so you need tools 3. You are not alone and 4. You can’t heal alone!

The ‘Living in Love’ program is an online 12 month circle for black women which will deep dive into exploring and nurturing one aspect of love each month. Bell Hooks’ book ‘All about love: New visions’ was requested by the sista’s in the last program and will guide the conversations with 1 chapter each month. Topics include, Self LOVE, Relational LOVE, Divine LOVE, Cultural LOVE, Friendship LOVE, Community LOVE, Creative LOVE and so much more!


This sacred circle is a compassionate opportunity to explore your patterns of lovelessness and take the necessary steps to practice self love so that you can become more open to receiving it.  If you do the internal work, the benefits of the program include:

  • Understanding the impact of internalised racism on your ability to love and be loved.
  • Exploring unconscious patterns of love avoidance.
  • Solution focused tools.
  • Clarity around your needs.
  • Understanding and processing emotions.
  • Simple love rituals.
  • Reduced isolation and stigma.
  • Increased self confidence in relationships.
  • Stronger personal boundaries.
  • Increased knowledge of self.
  • Increased mindfulness.
  • Reduced anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Increased self acceptance.
  • Increased sense of belonging.
  • Stronger cultural identity.
  • Sistahood community support.
  • Breaking generational patterns.
  • Deeper connections to others.
  • More compassionate parenting.
  • Annihilating the system of racism from the inside out.

All this lovage will all be delivered with weekly support through live Sista Circles, empoWOMBment emails, masterclasses, heartwork journal prompts, a video vault and private community space. 121 sessions are also available at premium level.


DECEMBER: The focus is all about preparing you for love so we will define it and explore the blocks that sabotage your ability to give and receive love. 

Sista Circle and book study: All About Love. By bell hooks. Introduction. Touched by Love

Sista Circle and book study: All About Love. By bell hooks. Chapter 1. Give love words. 

Live Masterclass : How black shame blocks love.


Ebook: Holiday boundaries ebook. 

7 Day Reset Experience. – Setting up your daily love rituals. 


JANUARY: Loving your inner child.

FEBRUARY: Love and Truth.

This online circle is the perfect space for you to do the inner work and nurture your black girl bliss. June is really excited to teach this compassionate program for cultural healing and sacred sistahood.


There are 3 levels to choose from and there is no contract so you can cancel the subscription at anytime. No refunds are available due to instant access to the knowledge being shared along with the digital products. By signing up, this states that you have read and agree to the Yard of Greatness terms of service outlined at Click below to begin your racial wellness journey to manifesting more love.


PRIME CIRCLE: £27 Monthly.

You will receive an audio breakdown of the chapter, heartwork questions and videos around the specific monthly topic.


PRIME PLUS : The first 12 seats can enroll at £67 v £97 monthly.

You will receive all of the PRIME benefits plus the live bi-weekly sessions, masterclasses and empoWOMBment emails. It’s important to keep the class intimate to get the support you need, so June is only taking a maximum of 25 Sistas at this level.



At this level you will receive all of the PRIME PLUS benefits, plus 2 x 30 minute sessions to discuss and execute your personal racial wellness needs in relation to the focus monthly topic. You will also get access to extra content to assist your process. June is only accepting 2 sista’s at this level to ensure you get the appropriate support.



Who are these sessions for?

The circle is for black women who want a safe space to connect, build sistahood and are ready to start doing the internal work.


Why is it only for black women?

The content is focused on women of African descent so these racial boundaries are important for nurturing cultural identification and emotional safety.


Do I need to read the book before I attend?

No, you need to have a copy of the book because we read it live in the session to keep us at the same pace. The sharing in real time is much more powerful. You can click here buy the book.


Can I still come if I’ve missed previous chapters of the book?

Yes, the core focus is not on the book, but the topics which are accompanied by live streams and masterclasses which compliment the monthly topic. Its not a drop in program so you will need to subscribe monthly.


Where is it being held? The sessions are all delivered online.


Am I welcome if I’m biracial?

The sessions are focused on the experience of African/Caribbean women so if this is part of your biracial mix you are very welcome to join us.


Who is Bell Hooks?


Bell Hooks is an American author, feminist, and social activist. The focus of her writing has been the intersectionality of race, capitalism, and gender, and what she describes as their ability to produce and perpetuate systems of oppression and class domination. She has published over 30 books and numerous scholarly articles, appeared in documentary films, and participated in public lectures. She has addressed race, class, and gender in education, art, history, sexuality, mass media, and feminism. More details can be found




Where can I buy the book?

The book we are studying is,  ‘All About Love: New Visions.





June shares her best recovery and healing practices for education and information purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for seeing a licensed mental health professional. June Allen and the Yard of Greatness brand will therefore not be liable for any personal damage, as a result of the use or misuse of any of the suggestions made.