The Sacred Sista Sanctuary mastermind has a book club is like no other. Together, we read each chapter live and unpack how it applies to our lives with therapeutic feedback, support and tools to help you heal from whatever issues come up for you in the session.

I'm really excited to reveal that our next book study is Sacred Pampering Principles By Debrena Jackson Gandy. Click here to buy the book. 

The book club is live but not recorded to maintain confidentiality. However, you can use the journal prompts and resources created from each chapter if you miss the live class.

You will also get access to a powerful wellness library of masterclasses and resources to support you in between the study sessions.

We start with a welcome session on January 6th and officially begin on January 13th. We study this text weekly, except the last week of the month which is reflection and implementation time.


Day: Thursday evenings.

Time: 8pm - 9:30pm London time.

Where: Online Zoom.

Support resources available for each chapter.

90 minutes class.

Group sharing and reflections.

Click here to join the book club.