The Power of Solitude

In a world that rewards the hustle,

many feel that solitude is wasted time.

As superwomen, we werk our capes

and ram each ‘should’ and ‘have to,’

in what little, precious time our days will bare.

Solitude honours the truth.

It lifts the veil on how we feel about ourselves when no one’s watching.

She doesn’t lie, or tell us what we want to hear.

She’ll open the window on toxic fantasy

and hold up the mirror which demands empathy.

This superpower serves it straight.

I suffered with chronic doing for years to avoid the backlog of pain I carried beneath it.

I was scared of what I would feel, if I allowed myself to pause.

When I gave myself permission to face the quiet,

it was a relief to let the sacred, stillness, speak.

Solitude is the superpower that calms the storm between our humanity and our spirituality.

In the Sacred Sista Reset Experience, I share a simple tool to nurture this relationship.

As we honor its presence, we’ll move from anorexic isolation to honoring our divinity.


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