TBS07: Recovery Step 1- Powerlessness And Hope

Step 1. (1)


Hey there,

Sidenote…. I admit that I am powerless over the freezing temps out here in London, but have the power to podcast under my heated duvet lol. Sorry, couldn’t resist it. 😉

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, this week I dive into recovery step 1 and adapt the basic principles as they relate to our powerlessness under the system of racism (white supremacy). I love this step because it is the beginning of hope and a new authentic way of being. I also talk about learned helplessness, racial intimacy and the power of scheduling hope into your day.

If I could go back and speak to my former broken self that crawled through my first step one, I would tell her it’s really is going to be OK, and step one is the beginning of the journey to freedom. Things will be a challenge, but I will have an abundance of support, love and blackalicious tools to work the sh*t out of my recovery and thrive. One day at a time.


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