Unconditional Self Love.

Peace and blessings Family,

Many of us were raised in homes where love is a bartering system. We only experience an emotional connection when our behavior serves the needs of our parents.

This is mirrored under the system of racism where we’re only ‘accepted’ when we embrace the assimilation of whiteness, staying silent about our oppression and the need to feel safe.

When we’re loved for what we do instead of who we are, it becomes emotionally unsafe to love ourselves inside the insane expectations of others. We become trapped inside the codependent patterns of perfectionistic self neglect.

In recovery, we learn to separate what is ours and what belongs to others. We learn one day at a time, to do the best we can, at our current level of consciousness.

Every tool we use lights the path to a new life of unconditional self love. We can choose to get up and take another baby step, no matter how many times we fall.

Today, I will remember how far I’ve come. As I work the program, I can use my mistakes as a deeper call from my Higher Self to love and accept the full spectrum of my humanity.

Affirmation: I will love and honor every part of myself, unconditionally.