You Are Sacred. 🧡​

I’m back feeling happy and well rested in my sacredness after a mini sabbatical and ready to serve. Today, I want to remind you that you are also sacred. Yes you! Read that again, YOU ARE SACRED! After reconnecting with clients I recognise that many might not feel this because stress and exhaustion can leave you feeling disconnected from yourself. Join me today and watch how to find your way home to your core sacred self.

An Emotional Ending.

One of the things I love about being a therapist is the privilege of witnessing the transformation in my clients. Last week, it was humbling to wrap up an emotional ending to my Self Care for Success course where therapists explored their relationship to caring for themselves as the foundation for building a private practice.

What I learned from the Sista students was how important it was for them to be seen and heard in the content that was designed specifically with the black women experience in mind. The result was not only about having the right tools to take care of themselves as business owners, but a shift in how they feel about themselves in the present.

There was tears and pride ignited from the mirroring and conversations around releasing the shame that blocks growth. There was hope in witnessing the collective struggles and wins in the storytelling and excitement around embracing the sacredness of black womanhood as a tool for liberation and healing in themselves and their clients.

If you’re struggling to lean into a project or your business, you are not alone. Remember that community is everything and if you can find the willingness to start, the courage to take the first steps will follow.

If you’re a wellness practitioner or a newly qualified therapist looking for a community to nurture your business, the magic continues in the North Star Business School on Wednesday 29 November 2023. The next offering is Foundational Money Moves where we’ll explore our current and historical relationship with money along with the practical processes and systems required to earn money in private practice.

Being your sacred self.

In a system of toxic expectations and oppression, it can be difficult for us to stay fully grounded inside our true, authentic selves. There is also the fantasy that in order to do this we must reject the parts of us that are hurt, angry and lost, so in today’s live I share how to discover and embrace being your full sacred self.

Should you join my North Star Business School? Q&A

If you’ve been on the fence about joining the North Star Business School this live stream will help you get clarity either way. Join me as I share, what makes this offering different from other program’s? What values will guide the journey? What are the objectives of this coaching program?  What are the program features? Where and when will it start! Who is it for? Let me know if you have any other questions.


Happy Black History Month (UK) : Saluting Our Sisters, celebrating ourselves!

Black History Month is more than just a tokenistic event for white folks to acknowledge our existence; it serves as a reminder that black history is an integral part of the broader narrative and deserves recognition throughout the whole year. 

In today’s live stream, I dive into this years Black History Month theme, Saluting Our Sisters. The legacy of black women as leaders, nurturers, and trailblazers is an essential part of history and remembering the greatness of the first black woman who gave birth to civilization serves as a reminder of the strength inherent in black women throughout history and those pushing back against oppression today.

Exploring your relationship with grind culture?

When overworking is a status symbol, many of us can get sucked into the vortex of compulsive productivity, perfectionism and self deprivation in an attempt to prove ourselves worthy as black people in the workplace. In today’s live I explore what exactly is grind culture, it’s internalised characteristics and the impact it has on our lives and in business. If you resonate with this content, the North Star Business School can help you understand these patterns and deal with them as you build your private practice. 

Spiritual Principles for Success.

Including spirituality into your work and business practices can offer a deeper sense of purpose, clarity, and alignment with universal principles. This is not about aligning with any particular religion, it’s more about tapping into the inner sacredness that resides within all of us. In this live, I explore the 7 African spiritual principles of Ma’at and how to apply it to thriving in business. Remember, greatness does not happen in isolation; it thrives in community with a commitment to universal values!

Is your inner child sabotaging your work/ business?

The connection between our past experiences and present-day challenges in the workplace is often underestimated. This live explores the enmeshed relationship between childhood trauma, self-worth, and our professional success, shedding light on how these early experiences can influence our behavior and choices at work and in business. The North Star Business School for wellness professionals provides an intercultural, trauma informed platform to explore these issues as you set up and grow your business.