The Sacred Sista Sanctuary membership has a book club is like no other because we don't just read the text. Together, we read each chapter live and unpack how it applies to our lives with specialist support and tools to help you heal from whatever issues come up for you in the session.

You will also get access to a powerful library of masterclasses and more resources to support you in between each session. The sessions are live but not recorded to maintain confidentiality. However, you can use the journal prompts and resources if you miss the live class.

Our next offering is 'What Mama Couldn't Tell Us About Love.' In this text the authors ask black women to consider what lessons about love and intimacy were passed down from our foremothers?

By exploring the emotional legacy of our enslaved ancestors, we understand the power of sharing, identification and how inherited beliefs can both heal and strengthen us.

Our mothers may not have been able to empower us because of their own pain, but we can use our healing experiences to have better relationships and rebuild our communities.

Full Details:

The first session begins on Thursday 1 July.

Classes will be weekly (over the next 4 months) except the last week of each month will be for journal prompt catch up and reflection time (self directed).

Time: 8pm GMT (3pm ET) - 9:30pm GMT (4:30pm ET)

Support resources available for each chapter.

90 minutes class.

Group sharing and reflections.

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How much is the book club? Its past of the standard membership level at £67 per month.

Can I join after you have started the book? Yes, because we focus on the individual topics in each chapter. You can also read the previous chapters on your own and use the resources created for each chapter.

Can anyone join? No, the book club is for black women as the focus of the text and teaching will only relate the their experience.

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