Your healing space for nurturing self love mastery.

Deepen the relationship with yourself in this immersive, intercultural sistahood experience. 

Being a black woman living inside mutiple layers of systemIc oppression means that we unconsciously internalise toxic thinking about ourselves that often show up in our behaviour as these struggles...

  • You don’t know how to love and care for yourself.
  • You’re a chronic people pleaser and struggle with setting boundaries. 
  • You have a history of mistrust around black women, but crave to be part of a sistahood.
  • You’re overworked and emotionally drained, but can’t slow down. 
  • You’re tired of feeling invisible in healing spaces.
  • You abandon yourself in white spaces.  

If you relate to any of these, you’re not alone. I was inspired to build this space after hearing from so many sista’s who were overwhelmed and exhausted from living in survival mode and not getting the support they needed with an intercultural, womanist context. 

The Sacred Sista Sanctuary is a safe haven where self-love, sistahood, softness and slow living center the journey on the road to embracing your true essence and standing in your feminine power. The benefits of this experience include…….

  1. Belonging : Feel valued, heard, and understood with sista’s on the same path.
  2. Community care: Allows for understanding and acknowledgment of our unique perspectives and challenges as a black women.
  3. Professional support: Experience live, immersive discussions and group support from an experienced racial trauma therapist.
  4. Self-paced learning: Access additional support resources in a virtual library with 100+ videos to nurture your growth in between the live sessions.
  5. Increased emotional intelligence: Use the racial wellness tools to help you explore and understand your somatic, black body experience.
  6. Intercultural psychoeducation: Deepen your understanding of history, culture and the impact of oppression on your wellbeing with informative, empowering, racialised content.
  7. Empowerment: Be inspired by the storytelling, hope and wisdom shared during the live healing circles.
  8. Stress reduction: Use the live sharing and psycheducation worksheets to understand and process difficult feelings to reduce stress. 
  9. Friendship: Build lasting bonds with extraordinary sista’s who are committed to showing up in their lives.
  10. Perspective: Gain new insights, view points and perspectives on current or collective world events.

Here’s what you’ll receive each month....

  • 1 x Live 90 minute group sista circle (Tuesday’s 7pm London time).
  • Sharing space to explore current issues and/or world events. 
  • Themed heartwork journal prompts each month to guide the live exploration. 
  • Live Q & A. 
  • Meditations and affirmations around the theme. 
  • Access to a  virtual library with 100+masterclasses, courses and resources.
  • Complimentary access to day retreats and workshops. 
  • Priority access to new products. 
  • Discounts on selective products.
  • Private group. 

Become part of the Sacred Sista Sanctuary and experience the melanin magic of healing in sistahood.


If you would like a sneak peep of how it would feel to be part of the sistahood? You can watch a replay of the open day.

The experience was a beautiful, intimate space where we explored some characteristics of self abandonment, a tool for empoWOMBment, the gifts of loving yourself and a journal prompt around what your deserving self needs you to know.

I also talked about what results you can expect from joining us and there's a peep behind the virtual curtain. 

Click here to watch the open day replay.


Don’t take my word for it, here’s what you can experience. 

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