Consider this if you struggle with slowing down……

It took me a long time to learn the importance of slowing down and making space for myself amidst hustle culture and pressure of living inside a capitalist system. This live stream explores some things to consider if you struggle with slowing down, the reasons behind any reluctance and the transformative power of making lifestyle changes to prioritise a life of ease.

Why do I sometimes feel worse than before I started healing?

As we come out of denial in the different areas of our lives that hold pain, we experience withdrawal. This can be a tough one to work through but with more self awareness and support, you can ride these times with understanding and compassion. Today’s live came from an email I received from a sista wanting to know more about the withdrawal process I mentioned in a previous session, so walk with me today as I share 5 types of withdrawal and how to manage it. 

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5 reasons why black people lie!

Most of us like to think that we are honest and talk about wanting others to be honest with us. However, the reality is that many can’t hold the truth about what they do to themselves or others as a consequence of not dealing with their pain. In todays session, I share 5 reasons black folks lie and the importance of keeping your side of the street clean.

Sacred Sista Study Circle Selection #4: Communion: The Female Search for Love. By bell hooks.

In this session I share the 4th book selection for my next Sacred Sista Study Circle launching in October. Communion: The Female Search for Love. By bell hooks. Join me to explore an overview of the black women’s relationship with love and femininity in this powerful text by a sista author who always brings the fire. Click here for more details about the study circle. 

Honoring Our Ancestors.

As the world watched the funeral of Queen Elisabeth II, I wanted to hold a space for our community to remember our ancestors and grieve what was lost as a result of the institution she stood for.  Join me and  fellow therapist Yvonne J Douglas  for this sacred session of meditation, libation and sharing as we honour our sorrow and empower ourselves as a community to reclaim who we are and find the courage to dream and hope for more unity.

Grieving our oppressors?

With Queen Elisabeth II now dead after her 70 year reign in the UK, how do you feel about her death and the role she played within an institution responsible for the murder and destruction of so many people around the globe? In this session I answer the question, ‘What does it actually mean to grieve our oppressors?’