Yard of Greatness consultancy provides a service for corporate clients to explore racism in the workplace with group therapy, private sessions, psychoeducation and workshops designed to support your teams.

The workshops are centred around nurturing racial wellness, understanding and addressing internalised racism, and promoting healthy boundaries at work. The 5 workshops available include:

What is Racial Wellness?

In this session, we explore the concept of racial wellness in the workplace and how to care for themselves with tools that include a cultural context. 

White Fragility at Work.

Our workshop on white fragility at work is designed to help people of colour staff understand how racism shows up in the workplace and offers strategies for dealing with it. 

The Impact of Internalised Racism at Work.

Internalised racism can deeply impact the self esteem of people of colour in the workplace. This workshop will help your team understand how it happens and the impact on their ability to thrive. We’ll explore ways to increase self awareness and decolonise their thinking.

Racial Boundaries at Work.

Healthy boundaries are crucial for creating a workplace culture that respects difference. This workshop will help your staff understand the importance of setting and maintaining racial boundaries in the workplace. We'll explore the ways in which racial boundaries can be challenged, and offer strategies for maintaining them.

Racial Wellness Support Circle.

Our racial wellness support circles is a safe, confidential space for people of colour staff to connect, share their experiences and receive support. The sessions provide a therapeutic container for staff to discuss the challenges they face in the workplace around race and receive guidance from June along with peer support. Our support circle is a powerful tool for promoting racial wellness and fostering a culture of belonging.

With June as an experienced racial trauma therapist, investing in the diversity and wellness of your staff is essential for creating an inclusive, sustainable business that understands and serves the needs of wider communities impacted by racism and oppression.

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