Business coaching and executive therapy is a valuable support service for clients to enhance their well-being within the context of your professional and/or leadership role.

I provide a confidential and supportive space for you to explore and address issues such as racial stress management, decision-making, work-life balance, interpersonal dynamics, communication skills, and professional development.

Here are the core topics I can support you with:

  • How to nurture your audience with a cultural context.
  • Understanding the needs of your audience.  
  • How to improve your own cultural competency.
  • Racial wellness personal development.
  • Why your audience doesn't buy from you and how to fix it.
  • Website review and feedback.
  • Social media review.
  • How to monetise your platform. 
  • Marketing + promoting your business.
  • Live stream confidence.
  • How to manage selling shame. 
  • Managing money trauma.
  • Understanding and exploring financial therapy.

Email June at [email protected] to book a call to discuss your needs.