July Events at the Yard? 25/30 Live stream challenge.

In this live I share the tea about what we will be studying in the Sacred Sista Sanctuary Mastermind this month. The Financial Therapy topics are.

6 July: : Money, deprivation and hoarding. Are you being stingy with yourself?

13 July: Money, jealously and envy. Do you find it hard to celebrate others?

20 July: : Confronting your internal oppressor. How does this part of yourself sabotage your abundance?

27 July: : Exploring the relationship between your self worth and your net worth.

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Cherish your black body: Part 2. 24/30 Live stream challenge.

In this live, I continue the conversation from part 1 on the importance of cherishing our black bodies and the significance of building relationships within our community. Drawing from personal experiences and observations, we will explore how our internalised oppression can impact the way we treat ourselves and others. By examining these issues, I aim to shed light on the challenges faced by black businesses in building relationships with clients (given our traumatic relational history) and encourage a shift towards a deeper valuing of ourselves and our community.