Sistahood and your Heart.

With the next Sista Sanctuary session happening on Tuesday evening, I want to give you a sneak peep at some of the heartwork questions we’ll be exploring in this live session.

The theme is Unity in Sistahood and in todays live I explore 4 of the questions we’ll do a deeper dive in on Tuesday…

    1. Am I giving enough attention to nurturing and maintaining the sista relationships that matter most to me?

    2. How do relationships with my family of origin impact how I show up in friendships with other black women?

    3. Do I find it hard to let other black women care for me? Why?

    4. How do I envision my ideal inner circle and the role of sistahood in my life? What steps can I take to move closer to this vision.

July Events at the Yard? 25/30 Live stream challenge.

In this live I share the tea about what we will be studying in the Sacred Sista Sanctuary Mastermind this month. The Financial Therapy topics are.

6 July: : Money, deprivation and hoarding. Are you being stingy with yourself?

13 July: Money, jealously and envy. Do you find it hard to celebrate others?

20 July: : Confronting your internal oppressor. How does this part of yourself sabotage your abundance?

27 July: : Exploring the relationship between your self worth and your net worth.

Click here to join us. 

Happy Anniversary!!! 1/30 Anniversary Live Streams.

Last weekend it was a couple of important anniversaries! 8 years for Yard of Greatness and 13 years sober in recovery! To celebrate I’ll be doing 30 days of live streams to share how I did it, self love tips and hacks, encouragement and anything else that is on my heart! At the end I will be having Sacred Sista Sanctuary Healing Circle and open day so if you’ve been thinking about joining my mastermind or want to just come and hang out, join me over these next few weeks and in person to hear more and  celebrate your wins!!!! Full details on the in person event will be shared in tomorrows live.