Consider this if you struggle with slowing down……

It took me a long time to learn the importance of slowing down and making space for myself amidst hustle culture and pressure of living inside a capitalist system. This live stream explores some things to consider if you struggle with slowing down, the reasons behind any reluctance and the transformative power of making lifestyle changes to prioritise a life of ease.

‘Help, I’m Burnt Out!’

Over the last few weeks I’ve heard a lot of people talking about being burnt out. Many of us are still in denial about the impact of 2 years of COVID lockdowns along with the racial fatigue that is ongoing in everyday life. In this session I share more reasons why you’re burnt out and what to do about it. Click here for more details about my financial therapy study circle.

Study Circle Selection #3 Rest is Resistance By Tricia Hersey from The Nap Ministry.

In this session I share the 3rd book selection for my next Sacred Sista Study Circle launching in October. Rest is Resistance. By Tricia Hersey AKA The Nap Bishop. Join me to explore an overview of our complex relationship with rest and how you can work with me in the study circle to embrace this powerful, long awaited text. Click here to find out more details about study circle.