Spiritual Principles for Success.

Including spirituality into your work and business practices can offer a deeper sense of purpose, clarity, and alignment with universal principles. This is not about aligning with any particular religion, it’s more about tapping into the inner sacredness that resides within all of us. In this live, I explore the 7 African spiritual principles of Ma’at and how to apply it to thriving in business. Remember, greatness does not happen in isolation; it thrives in community with a commitment to universal values!

Honoring Our Ancestors.

As the world watched the funeral of Queen Elisabeth II, I wanted to hold a space for our community to remember our ancestors and grieve what was lost as a result of the institution she stood for.  Join me and  fellow therapist Yvonne J Douglas  for this sacred session of meditation, libation and sharing as we honour our sorrow and empower ourselves as a community to reclaim who we are and find the courage to dream and hope for more unity.

YOG27: The Power of Black Mindfulness with Faith Agugu.

Greetings Family,
With the hustle and bustle of the holidays along the juggernaut of white supremacy, it’s important to be able to stay present to what is going on internally.
This week, I’m happy to be sharing the podcast space with Faith Agugu. A compassionate, holistic counselor and healer who’s generous with her wisdom on how to use mindfulness as a ‘secret weapon’ for wellness and personal empowerment.
We also chat about the white washing of mindfulness, the spirituality of melanin, loving your inner child, recovery and so much more! There are so many nuggets in this one, don’t miss it!

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Give yourself the gift of empowerment.

The Reason Meditation is Hard.

Greetings Fam,

During a wonderful time camping out in nature, it was great to slow down and reflect on where I am and how I can continue to serve you on your journey.

Although the rest was well needed, I also noticed how hard it was to wind down and meditate. Today’s episode reveals the lessons inside the silence.

Be empowered.

June x


TBS19: Are You Afraid Of Being Visible?

Greetings Family,

In today’s episode, I explore the reason why so many of us find it so hard to show up and be visible in the world. Topics include:

Black Shame

Spirituality and withdrawal.

The power of mirroring in black business.

The right to belong.

Challenging white authority in college.

Be empowered!


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TBS15: Recovery Step 3 – Are White People Your Higher Power?


Greetings family,

In this show, I explore how the image of white Jesus and the religion of white supremacy (Christianity) maintains a spiritually abusive power dynamic where white people have become our Higher Power.

In 12 step recovery, step 3 is when we, ‘Made the decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand it.’ As religion is one of the key areas of oppressive people activity under the system of white supremacy, I also share my experience, hope and tools for dealing with this abusive religious enmeshment. Details for this show include:

  • The concept of God.
  • The role of white supremacy in religion.
  • Slavery, Christianity and the black church.
  • White Jesus and spiritual abuse.
  • Recovery Step 3.
  • When white people were my Higher Power.
  • The dismantling and reconstruction process.
  • Setting spiritual boundaries.

Enjoy x

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Further Reading.

Black People in the Bible – Randolph Jackson

The Color of Christ: The Son of God and the Saga of Race in America – Paul Harvey.

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