Private 121 Therapy

These sessions are a private space for you to get support, explore challenges and nurture your racial wellness.

Specialist topics include.

Racial trauma.

Childhood abuse.

Healing the black mother wound.

Internalised racism.

Colourism, shadism and texturism.

Mixed heritage and identity.

Shame and low self esteem.

Racism at work.

Anxiety and depression.

Money trauma, compulsive spending and underearning.

Boundaries and relationships

Addiction and racial sobriety.

There are weekly and fortnightly options available.

Below is a playlist that will help answer any questions you may have regarding working with me and your healing process. Click the 3 short lines in the top right hand corner of the video and click the required title to view it.

Frequently asked questions.

Are you a qualified therapist? Yes, I am a qualified therapist registered with the Black and Asian Therapists Network. (BAATN)

What modality do you use?  The way I work is integrative which means I am trained to use different therapeutic modalities which best suit the individual client. During our initial consultation, I would asses your needs and the best way to work with you to get results. The video playlist above will provide more details on this.

Can I see you fortnightly? Yes, but there may be limited times I work fortnightly.

Do you offer in person therapy? I only work online at the moment for 121 sessions. However, please check the events page for in person workshops and retreats.


If you chose to work with me 121 on a regular basis, you will also have access to my extensive virtual wellness library with on demand courses, masterclasses worksheets and resources to deepen the process and support you in between sessions. Topics include:

Melanin mindfulness.

Black body psychology.

Boundaries for wounded daughters.

Racial boundaries at work.

How to set racial wellness goals.

How to create a sacred wellness practice.

An introduction to African spirituality.

How to manage your emotions.

The black woman’s right to rage.

The psychology of shame.

The psychology of racism.

The Melanin Theory.

Self love essentials.

Understanding self sabotage.

Healing your inner black child.

Understanding boundaries.

The politics of black beauty.

How racism shows up in your relationships.

The politics of pleasure.

The art of rest.

Understanding your nervous system.

Nurturing black joy.

How to review your year of wellness.

Practicing the principles of Kwanzaa.




If you have any more questions beyond what I have shared here you can:

1/ Leave a voice message by using the grey tab on the right hand side of this page.

2/ Send an email to [email protected]