Is your past hurting the present?

This month’s conversation in the Sacred Sista Sanctuary is about justice for your inner child. Inner child work provides an opportunity to explore how the pain of your past is hurting you today and will continue to bleed into your future without support. Journaling allows us to express and release pent-up emotions and feelings related to our inner child’s experiences. By exploring our thoughts on paper, we can begin to unpack any harmful thought patterns and increase awareness of any emotions trapped in the body.

This week’s heartwork: Reflect on a life changing memory from your childhood that still holds emotional weight. What comes up for you around this memory, and how does it show up in your behavior as an adult?

If you found this heartwork valuable and would like to explore deeper healing, there are additional journal prompts available for free in the Sista Sanctuary. Click here to join the sistahood today.

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