6 types of racial stress and what to do about it.

With the media full of more racial stress and trauma from the Armard Arbury trial, the death of Malcom X’s daughter, the Windrush scandal and Kyle Rittenhouse, it has been a very distressing week. It often feels like we can never catch a break to breathe and grieve so every so often, I’ll share a reminder of how to deal with it. Today, I’m sharing 6 types of racial stress which I hope you will find useful. 


Three things to do when you feel stuck.

No matter how long you’ve been on the healing path there will be times when you feel stuck and that’s ok. As you peel off each layer, things will surface that require deeper exploration, thoughts and processing. This means that sometimes, you’l feel stuck. Sometimes your brain will be like, really? Are you sure you want to look at that? Are you ready? This is your psyches way of telling you pay attention and prepare for the next level healing. In this session I share the 3 things I do to move through stuckness.


The 4 black women who keep me straight when I’m strugglin’.

Despite all the stuff I share about taking care of yourself, I am human which means that sometimes there are days when I just feel like sh*t. With parenting, college essays and dealing with menopausal hormonal insomnia, things sometimes feel really hard. It’s during these times when I lean on my powerful sacred sista squad to put me straight. In this weeks live I share about the amazing black women in my life that nurture, advise, support and keep me accountable.