‘How can I grieve the loss of someone still alive?’

One of the questions I am being asked a lot in session recently, is how clients can grieve the loss of someone still alive? If you have no contact with parents or other family members. this is a particularly complex and emotionally challenging issue that requires professional support, a support network and lots of self compassion. Join me in today’s live as I share how I work with black women around this tender issue along with tools to care for yourself if you relate.

Weaponised Forgiveness?

Weaponised forgiveness for wounded daughters is a term used to describe the manipulation of forgiveness as a means to silence victims of harm, particularly daughters who have experienced maternal abuse. This concept is crucial to address as it stagnates our healing and allows the mother to maintain control over her daughter. By understanding the dynamics of weaponised forgiveness, we can begin to challenge its impact and explore healthier avenues for healing this part our our black mother wound.


Sistahood and your Heart.

With the next Sista Sanctuary session happening on Tuesday evening, I want to give you a sneak peep at some of the heartwork questions we’ll be exploring in this live session.

The theme is Unity in Sistahood and in todays live I explore 4 of the questions we’ll do a deeper dive in on Tuesday…

    1. Am I giving enough attention to nurturing and maintaining the sista relationships that matter most to me?

    2. How do relationships with my family of origin impact how I show up in friendships with other black women?

    3. Do I find it hard to let other black women care for me? Why?

    4. How do I envision my ideal inner circle and the role of sistahood in my life? What steps can I take to move closer to this vision.

Umoja (Unity) in sistahood.

My inspiration for today’s live was sparked from one of my favourite influencers, Candice Brathwaite. Candice’s fear and vulnerability during a dentist visit came with unexpected gentleness and care that brought her to tears. This really moved me and brought up reflections on so many of my clients exploring the impact of unmet maternal needs and the yearning for nurturing from women who look like them.

The discomfort often experience between black women often arises from unresolved mother wounds that create barriers to authentic connections. These painful dynamics are often hidden and is the reason why I’m so passionate about creating safe spaces where black women can unpack these issues without fear of judgment, and embrace the joy in receiving care and sisterly support. In a society where conversations about maternal relationships are often stifled, my platform stands as a sanctuary, offering solace and understanding to those seeking unity in sisterhood. Details about the Sista Sanctuary and the Heal and Chill session can be found at www.heal.juneallen.net

You Are Sacred. 🧡​

I’m back feeling happy and well rested in my sacredness after a mini sabbatical and ready to serve. Today, I want to remind you that you are also sacred. Yes you! Read that again, YOU ARE SACRED! After reconnecting with clients I recognise that many might not feel this because stress and exhaustion can leave you feeling disconnected from yourself. Join me today and watch how to find your way home to your core sacred self.

Being your sacred self.

In a system of toxic expectations and oppression, it can be difficult for us to stay fully grounded inside our true, authentic selves. There is also the fantasy that in order to do this we must reject the parts of us that are hurt, angry and lost, so in today’s live I share how to discover and embrace being your full sacred self.

Revolutionary Kindness To Self.

In the face of ongoing racial stress, culturally focused self care is essential for navigating the impact of these daily challenges and nurturing more self-compassion. In today’s live I share practical tools on how to process your experiences and build resilience individually and collectively. 

Consider this if you struggle with slowing down……

It took me a long time to learn the importance of slowing down and making space for myself amidst hustle culture and pressure of living inside a capitalist system. This live stream explores some things to consider if you struggle with slowing down, the reasons behind any reluctance and the transformative power of making lifestyle changes to prioritise a life of ease.

Self deprivation V protection?

You would think that everyone wants to embrace abundance but many of us are stuck in a compulsive cycle of self deprivation. In this live stream I empower you to unpack and explore this topic with the following questions: What are we trying to protect ourselves from by depriving ourselves? What fears surround being vulnerable and expressing our needs? How does self-deprivation manifest in our lives, and what impact does it have on our well-being?