Happy Black History Month (UK) : Saluting Our Sisters, celebrating ourselves!

Black History Month is more than just a tokenistic event for white folks to acknowledge our existence; it serves as a reminder that black history is an integral part of the broader narrative and deserves recognition throughout the whole year. 

In today’s live stream, I dive into this years Black History Month theme, Saluting Our Sisters. The legacy of black women as leaders, nurturers, and trailblazers is an essential part of history and remembering the greatness of the first black woman who gave birth to civilization serves as a reminder of the strength inherent in black women throughout history and those pushing back against oppression today.

Barrel Children Documentary Reflections.

In this live stream I share reflections from a powerful documentary called “Barrel Children” which sheds light on the experiences of children left behind in the Caribbean during the Windrush period when their parents migrated to the UK in search of a better life. The film delves into the emotional and psychological impact on these children and explores the complex, painful challenges faced by each generation during this time.

The impact of Windrush in therapy. #Windrush75 13/30 Live stream challenge.

On this day 75 years ago, the Empire Windrush came to the UK with people from the Caribbean to help rebuild this country after the war. Many made a lot of sacrifices leaving their children back home with hope of building better life. However, the fantasy propaganda that brought them here was very different from the reality of broken families, a hostile welcome from racists and the scandal that betrayed  many of our elders up to this day. In this live I share about the secret history of grief and loss that I often see in clients from the impact of Windrush.