Grounding Techniques When There is Sexual Assault in The News.

Over the last few days, the news has been saturated with ‘high profile’ men and sexual assault. If you’re a survivor (as I am), then I’m sure you’ll agree that this is very triggering and trying to go about the day as normal has not felt emotionally safe.

I’m not interested in debating whether they’re guilty, what’s important in this moment, is to have conversation with you about the impact on your well being and share some tools so you can take care of yourself. Be gentle!

Pete Walker PTSD Book Mentioned

Happy UK Black History Month!

Hey Hey!!

It’s Black History Month in the UK and I’m using it as an opportunity to share more empoWOMBment  and connect more in person with my local London Sista’s. I kicked off the month with this free webclass below on the importance of engaging and celebrating our culture. I’ve also created a special BHM page to host 2 new in person workshops to continue the healing! Check them out at  I look forward to spending time with you.

It’s #sacredsistatime