Sacred Sista Sanctuary 90 Day Pass

Greetings Sacred Sista.

Thank you for coming to check out this offer. 

Are you a sista struggling with how to handle the holiday season this year? Have you been stressed out after the impact of COVID, the racial unrest and the US election?

Like so many other black women, many of us have had to juggle so much and unfortunately our wellness is often the thing that gets put to the side at a time when we really need it most. 

Are you ready to receive a safe, sista space with black centred support and tools?   

Today, I’m offering you a 90 days pass to come and be nurtured in our Sacred Sista Sanctuary mastermind for £97 (£201 value.) Here’s what's included:

90 Days (3 months) access to the mastermind at standard level. 

X1 New Masterclass each month. (Replay available)

X1 Live Q and A Session each month. (Replay available)

Access to a racial wellness library with 100+ livestreams, masterclasses, and resources.

The holidays can create extra stress on top of what you’re trying to manage already but you don't have to do this alone. Click below to join us today.

If you want more details on the full membership levels you find them here.