TBS08: Racism and 12 Step Recovery For Beginners

Racism, 101
Greetings Mindful Yardie’s,
I hope the day finds you well. If you’ve been curious about me always chatting about recovery and want to know more, this show is for you. In this episode, I share how working the 12 step recovery process can be used to understand who we are and manage our racial pain. #knowthyself
I also share some compassionate tools along with my experience, strength and hope to get you started on the road to wholeness. Topics discussed include:
– The definition of racism.
– The psychology of racism
– Self compassion and surrender
– The History of 12 Step Recovery
– 3 types of recovery fellowships
– A holistic overview
– Black people in early AA
– Why the recovery process works.
– The power of sponsorship and meetings.
– 3 recovery slogans to get started
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Enjoy x
Authors and Links mentioned in this Episode
The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous read in this episode are from the AA Big book.

Literature for all core 12 step fellowships can be found at: www.yardofgreatnessstore.com