The Ultimate To Do List For Black Self Love!

  1. Do it first – Make self love a priority.
  2. Do it slowly! Loving yourself can feel uncomfortable if you’re not used to it, so do it slowly so you can learn about yourself with presence #babystepsmatter.
  3. Do it with feeling – You can only heal through feeling your way through the healing process. Use your sacred sista time to identify what feelings come up and observe how you respond. This awareness will help your needs.
  4. Do it scared – Change is uncomfortable which is why it’s important to be clear about your why. Why do you want to love yourself? How will you life change as you do? Feel that fear and do it anyway.
  5. Do it regardless – Sometimes the people close to you won’t like the boundaries that come with self love because it often means saying no to them! As you learn to love yourself, you will attract those who will honor your new found self respect.
  6. Do it with others – Find a safe sista space to share, identify and heal as a community.
  7. Do it again – Repeat the experiences with people, places and things that nurture your self love.
  8. Do it with gratitude – Pump up the gratitude by focusing on how you FEEL about something you are grateful for. Remember how far you have come.
  9. Do it with patience – Healing, learning and changing is exhausting so take your time.
  10. Do it with love – Be kind and gentle. Forgive yourself as many times as you need to be forgiven.

The greatest act of self love is changed behavior.  If you would like support and tools for more self love, join us for this months Sacred Sista Circle Book Club. Click the link below to get your tickets.