Black Business Marketing ‘Ted Talk’.

Dear Black Businesses,
This current climate is an amazing opportunity to serve the community if you are willing to do the work. Just to be clear although I am frustrated, I want you to win so I’m sharing this with love.
For the love of Black baby Jesus please stop shaming other black folks for not buying your product and focus on why. It’s not helping you and you’re just alienating your clients even more. If you want to know why they aren’t buying, here are some of the reasons I see.
1. You’re more worried about getting the money rather than meeting your clients needs and solving their problems.
2. They know you don’t really care about them.
3. You have booty call marketing ie you show up when you have something to sell then disappear.
4. You don’t nurture the customers you already have.
5. Your marketing is front heavy to get people in the door then the experience post sale is lame so they don’t buy again or recommend you to any one else.
6. There is no follow up experience to nurture or make them feel good about their purchase after the sale.
7. You don’t understand their cultural needs as it relates to your product.
8. They don’t trust you because you have a different business every week.
9. You don’t want to spend the money to invest in yourself and keep learning about business. (stop asking your cousin to do cheap sh*t)
10. You don’t have a website. If you are serious this is non negotiable.
11. You are not willing to do the inner work to decolonise the sh*t you’ve internalised about unworthiness and white supremacy.
12. You are not willing to do the work to build a relationship with your audience. i.e. Fear and low self esteem are stopping you from doing live stream etc.
Our community is not poor, they are looking for people who look like them who care about there needs. They want to be able to trust that you will deliver the goods to help and support them through this shitty climate and beyond. Now lets get to work!