TBS14: Honoring Dr Welsing’s Birthday with Gus T Renegade from C.O.W.S. Radio.

Brothas and Sista’s,

I am so excited for you today because it’s The Black Steps first interview and a legendary one at that!

In this episode, I am humbled to be chatting with Gus T Renegade from C.O.W.S  (Context of White Supremacy) radio show to honor the birthday of the late, great, counter racist scientist, Dr Francis Cress-Welsing. For those of you who are unaware of her and her work, I did a previous episode about her here.

In this show we talk about her legacy, their friendship and women behind the Isis Papers book. I also find out a little more about Gus the black man, and his views on how we can continue to empower ourselves under the system of white supremacy.

There are a lot of notes, books and references which I have captured below.

Enjoy x


Links, books and authors mentioned in this episode:

Sabrina Johnson COWS radio show appearance.

Dr Welsing birthday tribute event.

Saturday March 18th 2017

Thurgood Marshall Centre

Washington DC




C.O.W.S radio iTunes link

C.O.W.S episode with Dr Welsing regarding the Charleston Massacre with white supremacist Dylan Roof.

Dr Welsing and the Trump presidency prediction.

Dr Welsing sharing her views on cannabis.

Dr Martin Kevorkian 

All the book references from are in an empowerment sheet. Just enter your email address and get them with all the links to buy directly from Amazon.








Black self care e-book for discharging racial stress.


12 Step Recovery for beginners.

Mr H fox YouTube channel





COWS email address : untiljustice@gmail.com


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You can find lots more literature about racial wellness, addiction, and the 12 step recovery process in the link below in the recovery/addiction category:


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TBS11: Recovery Step 2: Being Restored To Sanity By A Loving Higher Parent.


Greetings Family,

I hope the day finds you well. This week, I am sharing my experience hope and tools in recovery step 2. Details include:

  • Introducing recovery step 3.
  • The challenge of trust.
  • Waking up.
  • How and where does your Higher Power shows up?
  • Letting go of a judgmental God.
  • Racial insanity.
  • Are you playing God in other peoples lives?
  • What is being restored to sanity.
  • Open mindedness and clarity.
  • The what, the why and the how of moving forward?

Enjoy x


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If you would like to work with me you can find out more here.

Links, books and authors mentioned in this episode:

Recovery Step 1

You can find lots of literature about racial wellness, addiction, and the 12 step recovery process in the link below in the recovery/addiction category:


Alethiology – The Study of Truth. Are You Standing In Yours?

One of the things that keeps us trapped inside our racial pain is our disconnection from the truth, our truth. Many of us like the idea of living authentically in this regard, but it’s much harder to practice inside a system which aggressively demands the abandonment of our blackness.

Neely Fuller Jr. and Dr Francis Cress-Welsing dedicated their lives to teaching the world how this social cancer infects us in all areas of people activity; education, entertainment, economics, labour, law, politics, religion, sex, and war.

It’s aggressive nature along with the layers of intergenerational powerlessness, means that many of us have unconsciously learned to accept dishonesty as part of our daily lives. We also codependently believe that not speaking our black truth will save us from future pain.

When we are unaware of how this racist confusion is maintained, we unconsciously enable the system’s breeding, and remain vulnerable to absorbing a legacy which murders the souls of our people.

Exploring my cultural needs in the early stages of growth was a painful experience, as I separated from my internalised racist thinking and began reclaiming my true sense of self. Some mornings, I still wake up feeling like a dumb negro, and other times I remember that me and my blackness are the magnificence of Ra in human form. This racist, boomerang confusion and self awareness is part of the growth process we must face to purge ourselves of the lies of white supremacy.

The journey to black empowerment includes layered cycles of dismantling, grieving, discovering and recovering the deeper parts of ourselves. As we begin to understand our personal patterns of hiding from the truth, we can find healthy way to start living more authentically. Our brilliance will  blossom as we shed the layers of self hate, and surround ourselves with the greatness of others who mirror and remind us who we are.

Just for today, I can lower the walls of denial with kindness, by first being compassionate with myself. When I speak my truth, I manifest my power. When I live my truth, I am unstoppable.

Today’s Affirmation

As I search for my truth, the truth will find me.

I am truth.


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Emotional wealth is my birthright. – Yard Reflections 01


The true meaning of wealth has been lost under the guise of cash hustle, generational assets and shiny, big ticket trinkets. In our aggressive pursuit of wealth, we can get stuck in the fantasy that having more, means that we are more.

Emotional wealth on the other hand, is a deeper level of understanding and ownership of our emotions. When we’re emotionally wealthy, our life has meaning. We can love fiercely and grieve deeply. We stand in our truth, even if it sometimes means standing alone. We nurture our sense of worthiness and receive abundance in all its forms.

As a consequence of our abusive racial history, many of us did not inherit healthy tools for nurturing our emotional wealth. Instead, we were passed down dysfunctional legacies of shame, disconnection and anger. We were robbed of our ability to be happy in the enmeshed expectations and demands of others.

We all deserve the right to thrive in an environment which mirrors our commitment to abundant personal growth.  In our culture of denial and avoidance, many of us are afraid to feel our feelings, but sharing in a safe space can help us understand our pain, and open the door to relief, wisdom and clarity. When our inner circle is emotionally broke, we can give ourselves permission to detach with love and move forward with those committed to change.

Emotional wealth is the root where all riches are seeded. To be happy, we must protect and nurture it like a savings account. Regularly deposit positive emotions and cultural experiences to build racial esteem. Be mindful of any people, systems or things trying to make unauthorised withdrawals. We cannot control the behavior of those trying to get access, but we have full control over how we respond and take care of our account.

Fearless ownership of our emotions means that our happiness becomes a magnet for abundant financial wealth in its purest form. When we commit to taking better care of ourselves, we also create a legacy of racial serenity, strength and empowerment within our family and the community.

Today, I claim my right to happiness, just as I am. In this moment, I own my feelings and choose some loving actions to nurture my well being.

And so it is.

Till next time

June. aka Mindful Yardie

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