The 5 Principles of Rest.

When we think of the topic of rest we automatically go to our sleep habits but rest is so much bigger than that. With rest at the focus in the Sacred Sista Sanctuary this month, today I share the 5 principles to get you started and keep you grounded in a solid rest practice.

One of our most basic human needs for wellness is rest. Healing happens when we practice these 5 principles of rest. 

AWARENESS: We check in daily with ourselves and listen to the language of our bodies. 

HONESTY: We give ourselves permission to tell the truth about our relationship with rest. 

DETACHMENT: We let go of the people, places and things that disrupt our need to rest. 

BOUNDARIES: We stay focused on setting and keeping our internal boundaries for rest. 

SPACE: We create, build and maintain a nurturing plan for rest, play and our relationships. 

Watch this live stream for a deeper dive.