What is the black mother wound?

In this weeks live, we explore the concept of the “black mother wound” and it’s significance in the black woman’s suffering.

Using an intercultural lens means breaking down this theory into three circles. The inner circle focuses on how the wound has impacted the relationship with yourself, the next circle layer will explore the relational power dynamics with your mother and the 3rd outer circle involves exploring the historical context of slavery and the Windrush generation to unpack how this impacts the intergenerational mother wound.

If you relate and feel ready to join me for the deeper work, there is still time to get your early bird ticket for Managing Mothers Day   a half day, in-person retreat where we’ll explore the black mother wound and how to deal with the complexities of Mothers Day when you have a challenging relationship with her. To balance the experience, there will also be a chill space after the healing circle to play, craft and chat.

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