TBS12: Is Racism A Mental Illness?

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In today’s show, I explore racism and narcissism as it relates to the 9 diagnostic traits in European psychology. Details of the content are as follows:

Why I want to explore the link between racism and narcissism.

The 9 diagnostic psychotherapy traits of narcissism.

5 summarised narcissistic characteristics of white supremacy.

1: The constant need for admiration.

-The brainwashing in education.

-The super hero media fantasy.

-Narcissistic supply and withdrawal.

2: Grandiosity.

– White superiority.

– 1974 Interview with Dr Francis Cress-Welsing and Dr William Shockley about white supremacy and her 1969 theory of colour confrontation.

3: Lack of empathy

– Defining empathy.

– Jane Elliot exposes white denial.

– The pain of white silence.

– 3 types of white supremacist.

4: Take advantage of others.

– Economic disadvantages and power.

5: Being envious of others.

– Love the culture, hate the people.

What’s the solution?

Empowerment affirmations.



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Links, books and authors mentioned in this episode:

9 diagnostic traits of narcissism.

The black Statue of Liberty

The amazing, eye opening, full interview with Dr Welsing and Dr Shockley.

Dr Welsing’s book The Isis Papers

The Help


Jane Elliot

You can find lots of literature about racial wellness, addiction, and the 12 step recovery process in the link below in the recovery/addiction category:


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