TBS10: 3 Ways To Practice Revolutionary Self Compassion.

Greetings Family,

In this episode, I share 3 empowering ways to practice revolutionary self compassion. Details discussed are as follows:

  • What is self compassion?
  • Why does it matter? 
  • Why is it hard for us to practice self compassion? 
  • How racism, (white supremacy) feeds our self abandonment. 
  • Racist projection 
  • Amos Wilson defines projection
  • The 3 tools for practicing self compassion 

1/ Under scheduling 

2/ Slowing down 

3/ Showing up 

  •  Vocal self soothing 
  • The power of touch 

My story of self compassion and black men. 

The benefits of practicing self compassion .


Enjoy x

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Links, books and authors mentioned in this episode:

Amos Wilson Books


Audre Lorde

You can find lots of literature from black scholars, racial wellness, addiction, and the 12 step recovery process in the link below in the recovery/addiction category:


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TBS09 How To Start A People of Colour 12 Step Meeting Within Your Primary Fellowship.

start a meeting
Whas up fam,
I hope you’re having a peaceful, constructive day. I am so excited about today’s show because I am going to teach you how to set up your own People of Colour meeting within your respective fellowship. If you are already working a 12 step recovery program, this is an empowering opportunity to deepen your understanding of racial sobriety and connect more authentically with yourself and your community. Topics discussed in this episode are as follows:
Basic meeting structure.
White fragility and separation.
How the new script works.
People Of Colour Preamble.
Closed group boundaries.
Race step work sharing.
Sharing space, boundaries and racial slurs.
Top lines and gratitude.
 Enjoy x

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Links, books and authors mentioned in this episode:

You can find lots of literature about racial wellness, addiction, and the 12 step recovery process in the link below in the recovery/addiction category:


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TBS08: Racism and 12 Step Recovery For Beginners

Racism, 101
Greetings Mindful Yardie’s,
I hope the day finds you well. If you’ve been curious about me always chatting about recovery and want to know more, this show is for you. In this episode, I share how working the 12 step recovery process can be used to understand who we are and manage our racial pain. #knowthyself
I also share some compassionate tools along with my experience, strength and hope to get you started on the road to wholeness. Topics discussed include:
– The definition of racism.
– The psychology of racism
– Self compassion and surrender
– The History of 12 Step Recovery
– 3 types of recovery fellowships
– A holistic overview
– Black people in early AA
– Why the recovery process works.
– The power of sponsorship and meetings.
– 3 recovery slogans to get started
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Enjoy x
Authors and Links mentioned in this Episode
The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous read in this episode are from the AA Big book.

Literature for all core 12 step fellowships can be found at: www.yardofgreatnessstore.com

TBS07: Recovery Step 1- Powerlessness And Hope

Step 1. (1)


Hey there,

Sidenote…. I admit that I am powerless over the freezing temps out here in London, but have the power to podcast under my heated duvet lol. Sorry, couldn’t resist it. 😉

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, this week I dive into recovery step 1 and adapt the basic principles as they relate to our powerlessness under the system of racism (white supremacy). I love this step because it is the beginning of hope and a new authentic way of being. I also talk about learned helplessness, racial intimacy and the power of scheduling hope into your day.

If I could go back and speak to my former broken self that crawled through my first step one, I would tell her it’s really is going to be OK, and step one is the beginning of the journey to freedom. Things will be a challenge, but I will have an abundance of support, love and blackalicious tools to work the sh*t out of my recovery and thrive. One day at a time.


P.S Dont forget you can get all your core recovery books in my Amazon store at www.yardofgreatnessstore.com



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TBS06:Understanding Racial Pain Pt 2: Attachment And The Family

Weekly show cover

This show is quite a deep one so make yourself a herb tea, take a deep breath and have a seat.

This episode is the second part of a series on 4 layers of racial pain, our internalised white supremacist, the family of origin, our community, and the external collective oppressor.

Last week, the focus was on our internalised white supremacist. Today, I weave the other 3 layers into the connection between slavery, child attachment, and how ‘disciplining’ our children with violence enables white supremacy’s mission to kill the souls of our people, and destroys our ability to have healthy adult relationships.


Other stuff mentioned in this episode.

Neely Fuller



Dr Francis Cress-Welsing

The Isis Papers



John Bowlby

Mary Ainsworth

Thomas Thistlewood

Frederick Douglass

Dr Stacey Patton

Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won’t Save Black America

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TBS05: Understanding Racial Pain With Mindfulness Part 1


Greetings Mindful Yardie’s, I hope the day finds you well.

In today’s show I share on one of four layers of racial pain, the four layers are;

1/ Internalised racism and the relationship with self.

2/ Recycled trauma within our  family of origin

3/ Community pain and the silence, enabling racial codependency which feeds the system.

4/ Oppressive social relationship with the institutions that control and maintain our oppression

Today’s focus is on our internalised white supremacist. I talk openly about the trauma of being black, and the impact this had on my relationships and identity in early recovery with a white sponsor and fellows. There are also lots of tools and nuggets to empower you and help you begin to understand and manage the pain of living under this system. The other 3 layers mentioned will be covered in next week’s show.

In service,

June x

Links, books and authors mentioned in this episode:

Dr Francis Cress-Welsing – The Isis Papers


Neely Fuller – The United Compensatory Code System Concept  For Victims of White Supremacy


Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life

You can find lots of literature about racial wellness, addiction, and the 12 step recovery process in the link below in the recovery/addiction category:


TBS04: Honoring Dr. Welsing and 3 Questions to Recommit To Your Recovery in 2017.



Happy New Year Mindful Yardie’s! Welcome to 2017!

Today’s show honor’s the 1st anniversary of the death of Dr Francis Cress-Welsing and how her book ‘The Isis Papers’ relates to the honesty required for taking the first step in recovery. I also share 3 important questions to ask yourself in order to stay empowered throughout the year, and beyond.

I am so excited about this year because I’ve been working really hard to get my experience, hope and tools out of my brain and into various formats for you to use in your own growth process. As you know I’ve already done a couple of podcasts, but I’m now ready to go much deeper with the content in relation to 12 step recovery. I am conscious of not wanting to just share about racism, but also the steps it takes to understand and maintain racial sobriety. The 12 step recovery process is where I started and continue to live in the solution for well being and counter racist mastery. As a result, I have also renamed the podcast, The Black Steps to reflect this content direction.


Links mentioned in this episode:

Dr Welsing’s last lecture:


Dr Welsing’s Book: The Isis Papers

Isis Papers book club. 


Neely Fuller’s Books


Article: White death exceeding birth.


You can find lots of literature about addiction and the 12 step recovery process in the link below in the recovery/addiction category:


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YOG03: 3 Ways to Nurture Your Relationships Over The Holidays.



Greetings Mindful Yardie’s

One of the most delicious things I adore learning is the powerful art of building relationships. When we lack self awareness, sometimes our connections can be a painful cycle of defensive reactions. However, as we learn more about ourselves, we can respond and nurture our relationships with a lot more emotional intimacy, awareness and clarity.

In today’s show I’m sharing 3 powerful ways to nurture your relationships today and beyond 2017. This holiday break is a great opportunity to begin nourishing the people and community that means so much to us.

Happy Holidays!

Enjoy x.


YOG02: Navigating Boundaries, Racism and the Holidays.


Greetings Mindful Yardie’s,

I’m beyond excited for you today because it’s our first proper Yard of Greatness podcast show! 

Today’s topic is about navigating boundaries, racism and the holidays. Most of us know that annoying person who drinks to much at this time of year, then thinks they can bring their fast self to you, asking for things that don’t belong to them (if you get my meaning smh!) Or you may have family members, pressuring you to engage in festivities you don’t like. With so many invites and celebrations to attend, it’s important to share how to practice good personal boundaries.

also talk about why I flung Santa out of my yard, and all the epic stuff I do instead. Once you’ve listened to the show, I’ve included a downloadable empowerment sheet at the bottom of this post, to help you get clear on your holiday values and build a more authentic presence whatever rituals you choose to include going forward. 

I hope you enjoy it!





Links mentioned in this show

My favourite Kwanzaa things. 

Kwanzaa Celebration
Defining your values


YOG01: Yessss, Let the Podcasting Begin!


Greetings family, I hope this fine December is not too chilly for you!

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about different ways to share more quality time with you and I’m excited to announce that I’m going to start podcasting! Yey! This means you can catch up on all the melanin magic and how to crush your empowerment moves whilst frying your plantain! Isn’t that amazing? Lol

Keep an eye out for my podcast emails every Wednesday at 8pm from next week. My first one is this little audio business card here.

Till next time, see you back at the Yard!

June. x