Confused By Racial Terminology?


I don’t know about y’all, but I’m confused most of the time by all the racial terminology flying around. However, what I do understand is that this confusion is also an important part of how the system of racism maintains its power.  If we can’t define it for ourselves, we become vulnerable to it being defined for us to our detriment.

To get clear, i’ve created this quirky little glossary to share my thoughts and explorations of words, feelings and terms associated with racism and our empowerment. This will help us gain a deeper understanding of the behaviours of those who practice it, as well as our maladaptive responses to being victims of it. I will also be using this space to drop the blackalicious, dopeness of melanoid magnificence! We need some balance up in here right?

Keep an eye on the blog under the glossary category, as i’ll occasionally be taking some of the terms to explore them in much more detail. I’ll keep adding to this list as I create more content. Let’s begin!

Under the system of racism, all non-white people are required to adopt and accept the social and psychological characteristics of white supremacy as a priority.

Black excellence.
A black s/hero committed to living in their RA state of brilliance, greatness and genius, despite living under the system of racism (white supremacy.)

Black empowerment
The practice of counter racist behaviours which reclaim our right to live, love, work, build and enjoy our culture and awesomeness in peace on this planet.


An intense emotional state of ecstasy around witnessing the black brilliance of the fastest man on earth. Mr Usain Bolt. The world record holder for crushing both the 100 and 200 meter Olympic sprint. Boltastic!

Black Girl Magic.
Black girl magic is a term we used to celebrate the global awesomeness of melanoid shine and sistahood. We gave birth to human civilization and rock the planet in our strength, beauty, and creativity. We rise and slay in all shades despite having to deal with racism and sexism. We rock and don’t you forget it! See also melanoid magnificence.

Black self love.
When we like ourselves we can put on a nice dress, braid our happy naps and maybe slide on a little lip gloss. But when we truly love ourselves, we nurture our souls attire. After bathing in the  truth, we adorn the spirit of compassion and step into the outside world with a dignified swag of regal self- respect.

Codependency is an unhealthy, compulsive form of self abandonment and reliance on another person. These people lose touch with their own needs and feelings, and become completely isolated from themselves. See also racial codependency.

A coon is a pejorative term which originally referred to black people whose sole purpose was to entertain white people. Today, I see black people practising ‘coonery’ as a maladaptive, fear based behaviour where they believe that playing out these racist stereotypes will protect them from being rejected inside the white supremacy structure. Black people are often unconsciously rewarded for enabling racism (white supremacy) in this manner, and punished and/or abandoned when we do not.

Counter – Racism
Counter racism is the practice of empowering behaviours which produce justice and challenge the system of racism (white supremacy.)

Cultural Appropriation
Cultural Appropriation is when our culture is stolen by white supremacy and used without any acknowledgement, or respect for its origin. An example of this is when Kim Kardashian’s hair was pictured in cornrows, but was acknowledged in the media as a new trend called ‘boxer braids.’

Discrimination is the unequal treatment of various social categories based on race, gender, class, sexual orientation, physical ability, religion etc..

Emotional abuse.
This is the neglect and mistreatment of another person or community. Emotional abuse can involve the fear or threat of being harmed, being physically harmed, isolated and/or actively ignoring our personal, cultural and/or social needs.

Emotional intelligence
Emotional intelligence is our ability to manage our emotions, and make measured, empathetic choices in our relational interactions as a consequence.

Emotional Sobriety
Emotional sobriety is the ability to fully feel our feelings and accept this vulnerability as an important part of our humanity. See also racial sobriety.

Enmeshment occurs as a result of having weak personal boundaries. The sense of self then becomes defined by the relationship to another person or structure instead of being rooted in the interpersonal exchange of your own needs and values. This over concern for others destroys the healthy development of self identity.

Internalised racism
As we remain unconscious victims of racism (white supremacy), we will continue to absorb and accept the beliefs, ideologies and behaviours which maintain its structure. This dynamic also ensures that we continue to infect our communities and our children intergenerationally.

Intergenerational trauma.
Intergenerational trauma is the transmission of unresolved physical, spiritual, psychological  and emotional pain. It’s a legacy of maladaptive dysfunctional pathologies and behaviours recycled inside our families.  

Implicit bias.
Is the practice of unconscious racist behaviour which is generally expressed as an automatic reaction. The system of white supremacy has aggressively ingrained itself in the fabric of our society so deeply, that the majority of white people practice it unconsciously, and non white people accept and enable it through their lack of understanding of it at a psychological level.

As defined by our brotha Neely Fuller Jr. producing justice means, ‘to guarantee that no person is mistreated and that those who need the most help, get the most constructive help.’

Melanoid Magnificence
Melanoid Magnificence is a term I use to celebrate the deliciousness of our existence on this planet. From our being the first people on earth, to our  fighting and rising despite our challenges. We honor all things African, our culture, our creativity, our features our curves and the wonder of our spiritual connection to the universe.  

To look inward and feel without judgment. To consciously pay attention to each moment in the now, in on order to increase our self awareness, self reflection and incite. We cannot improve our black experience if we are detached to our presence.

Prejudice is a negative judgement or attitude towards an individual or social group.

Projection is a term used in therapy to explain an unconscious defence mechanism where a person can’t hold the negative feelings they have about themselves, so dumps them onto another person. Instead of admitting and owning their own thoughts and actions, they claim that the other person is behaving in the dysfunctional way that they themselves have been behaving. An example of this is when white supremacist talk about black people being violent, when it is they that have created destruction all over this planet  through violence.

Racial Codependency
An unhealthy, compulsive reliance on those who practice or enable the system of white supremacy. See also ‘coon.’

Racial Intimacy.
Racial intimacy is our ability to be fully present inside our identity. We honour and nurture a healthy, loving relationship with our blackness without apology.

Racial Insanity.
Racial insanity is when black people believe that they can avoid being a victim of racism (white supremacy) if they keep abandoning themselves.

Racial Sobriety
Is our ability to reclaim our identity to love, honour and respect ourselves as equal members of the global human family. Sobriety is maintained through our commitment to the emotional, spiritual and intellectual journey of self knowledge whilst practicing new counter racist behaviours. See also counter racism.


Reverse Racism
Reverse racism is the pathetic attempt by white supremacy to play the victim inside a system they created and continue to maintain with impunity.

White Fragility
White fragility is a triggered  emotional state where white people are unable to tolerate any level of racial stress. The goal of white supremacy is to restore and maintain the ‘comfortable’ white status quo which is achieved through defensive behaviours. These include silence, shaming, anger, fear, guilt and leaving the situation. So next time you see the ‘all lives matter’ white tears, you’ll understand the fragility that lies beneath it.

White Supremacy
White supremacy is a narcissistic, global white power system of exploitation and oppression over non-white people in response to their fear of white genetic annihilation. The system operates in all areas of people activity, education, economics, entertainment, labour, law, politics, religion, sex and war. There are no other functioning systems which have the power to impact the lives of any other racial group in the same manner, therefore, the only true functioning racist system, is that of white supremacy and should therefore be referred to as such.

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