It’s My 10th Sobriety Birthday!10 Things I’ve Learned.


Greetings, the 2nd June is my 10 year sobriety birthday and I’m so grateful! It’s been a rollercoster of pain, incite, lessons, healing and growth and I wouldn’t change any of it! It’s made me proud of who I am today!

I this session, I’m sharing 10 lessons I’ve learned.

  1. Racism is an addiction to power. 
  2. White people are never going to rescue you.  
  3. You learn to trust by trusting.
  4. Compassion trumps positivity. 
  5. Sobriety requires softness. 
  6. You can’t heal alone.  
  7. Black only spaces are everything! 
  8. Educate yourself about black psychology. 
  9. Not all black folk want to heal but shaming them doesn’t work either.  
  10. Every baby step counts.

If you think you might be addicted or are in recovery looking for more information about racial sobriety, details can be found at